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The Office of Tech Transfer (OTT) is the University of Michigan’s organization responsible for the transfer of U-M technology to the marketplace. Tech Transfer enhances these research discoveries to encourage licensing and broad deployment with existing businesses and newly-formed U-M start-ups, and has earned a reputation for performance among the top 10 of all universities. A full set of services to ensure effective technology transfer is offered including:

  • Invention Reporting Facilitation – Professionals in U-M’s schools and OTT’s central office work with researchers and faculty to provide advice about potential tech transfer issues during research activities and to assist in the invention reporting process.
  • Patenting and Other Protections – OTT provides guidance in planning an effective patent, copyright, or trademark strategy and handle all implementation details during the protection stage.
  • Start-up Assistance – OTT provides proactive assistance in analyzing potential opportunities to form a start-up based upon U-M technology and encourage this interaction during the early invention reporting process. Their skilled New Business Formation Staff also provide hands-on business assistance, project planning, and links to funding and people resources.
  • Licensing – The OTT staff assists in technical and market assessments and actively market U-M technologies to industry partners. They create secrecy, evaluation, material transfer, option, and license agreements with these industry partners to effectively get our technology into commercial use.
  • Legal Support – Their two full-time tech transfer staff attorneys, in partnership with the Office of the General Counsel, provide legal guidance and assistance for all U-M tech transfer activities.
  • Decision Support – OTT’s business support and administrative staff provide information and guidance to conduct our business and expedite decisions by internal and external partners. They also advise interested parties on U-M policies and procedures including conflict of interest issues.

The OTT website maintains a comprehensive list of new technologies developed by U-M researchers that are available for licensing. Visit techtransfer.umich.edu for a full list.