Student Groups

U-M student groups provide companies with access to top student groups, allowing you to find a student who shares your interests and focus. To start searching for students, visit the University’s Maize Pages, a central repository for more than 1,200 student organizations. Links to many student organizations can be found below, but others are easily accessed directly through their respective school or college, as listed on the U-M Links page. College of Engineering Student Teams Law School Student Organizations and Publications Maize Pages Ross School of Business Student Groups School of Information Student Organizations School of Natural Resources & Environment Student Groups U-M Dearborn Student Organization Directory U-M Flint Student Club Listing

Student Projects

Sponsoring a student project can create value for your company on a number of levels. Projects provide opportunities to interface with students and explore solutions to business challenges while giving students hands-on experience in real-world situations. The following matrix outlines the project sponsorship opportunities available across the university. For more information, click on the name of the individual program to visit its website or click the contact name to send a direct email.

Business Need College/School/Unit Project Sponsor’s Cost Submission Deadline for Proposals Contact
Design, build, test prototypes; simulation of work processes, engineering, and operations plans College of Engineering Multidisciplinary Design Program $20K Late spring for projects starting on January 1 Joy Adams 734.647.2550
Design projects for the two BME capstone design courses that involves the design, build, and test of a prototype for clinical or biomedical research applications. College of Engineering Biomedical Engineering Design Project-dependent; should cover the fabrication, validation, and iteration of mock-ups and prototypes August 1 for Fall Term, November 1 for Winter Term Rachael Schmedlen 734.763.0575
The educational goal of this course is to give each student an understanding of design principles and to teach him/her how to integrate and apply engineering knowledge obtained at U of M toward the design and manufacturing of mechanical systems. College of Engineering ME 450 Design and Manufacturing III $5K August 1 for Fall Term, December 1 for Winter Term Amy Hortop 734.764.4064
Marketing strategy, market analysis, market entry, strategic planning, financial modeling, sustainability, product launch, operations processes, mergers, and acquisitions Stephen M. Ross School of Business Multidisciplinary Action Projects (MAP) Program Student travel and other project-related expenses Varying dates throughout the year Chris Tarnacki  734.647.7110
Develop advertising campaign strategy Stephen M. Ross School of Business None September 30 Katherine Burson 734.764.6873
Lean process design and implementation, business unit manufacturing plan, strategic site assessment, supply chain implementation plan, sourcing plan, new product/process development strategy, product complexity analysis, plant floor layout. Projects include an implementation phase. Tauber Institute for Global Operations Team Projects $30,000 participation fee plus student salaries and travel  December 1 for May-August summer projects Jonathan Grice 734.647.2220
The project should deal with an important public policy problem that presents a significant challenge or opportunity to the organization engaging students in a range of multi-disciplinary research and analytical activities such as researching best practices, conducting archival research, interviewing or surveying stakeholders, analyzing financial documents, conducting cost benefit analysis, etc. Ford School of Public Policy Applied Policy Seminar Minimal Cost June 1 for fall term (September-December)October 15 for winter term (January-April) Jennifer Niggemeier 734.764.8076
A team of students will work on a data analytics-oriented project over the course of one term. School of Information 485: “Information Analytics Consulting Project”  None September 8 for fall term projects Kelly A. Kowatch   734.936.8735
A team of students will evaluate and enhance the user experience of your interactive product or idea over the course of one term. A typical project consists of needs elicitation, UX requirements analysis, UX design and prototyping, and user evaluation.  School of Information 487: “User Experience Consulting Project”  None  September 8 for fall term projects Kelly A. Kowatch   734.936.8735
Information process flow evaluation by a team of master’s students School of Information 501: “Contextual Inquiry and Project Management” None August 20 for fall term projectsNovember 19 for winter term Shamille Orr 734.647.7650
Usability evaluation of a website or software application with detailed and actionable feedback School of Information 622: “Evaluation of Systems and Services” None December 24 for winter term projects Joyojeet Pal or Sarita Yardi 734.764-1555
Socially oriented content management system/website development by a group of master’s students School of Information 631: “Content Management Systems Practical Engagement Workshop” None January 2 for winter term projects Michael Hess 734.661.2833
Have your dataset turned into a useful visualization by a master’s student School of Information 649: “Information Visualization” None Pitches accepted through 4th week of class Eytan Adar 734.647.8028
Policy recommendations, sustainability analysis, landscape designs, natural resource management plans School of Natural Resources and Environment Master’s Project Student travel and other project-related expenses Project is conducted on a two-year cycle Lisa Yee-Litzenberg 734.615.1633