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Business Engagement Center
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Engineering Office
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Medical School Office
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U-M Dearborn Business Engagement Center
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U-M Flint Business Engagement Center
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Frequently asked questions.

What is the Business Engagement Center and where is it located?
See our About Us section.
How do I raise my company’s visibility on campus?
There are many ways that you can interact with the University to establish a visible presence and to bring direct value to your company. These include: attending career fairs; supporting students through scholarships or fellowships; sponsoring student projects; getting involved with a student organization; and participating in faculty research projects.
How do I post an internship or a full-time job opening at my company?
The University has different career services to connect you with students and alumni. For a list, visit our recruitment section.
When are the career fairs on campus and how can my company get involved?
The recruitment section of our Web site has a detailed list of career services for employers and recruiters, including a calendar of upcoming career fairs.
I have a specific project that requires a group of students with a specialized background. How can I find them?
The recruitment section of our Web site has links to a comprehensive list of student groups on campus. An alternative option is to sponsor a student project.
I am interested in learning about opportunities to sponsor a scholarship or fellowship. Where do I go?
Information about student support is available in our recruitment section. You can also contact the BEC staff.
How can I find out about research being conducted on campus?
The research section of our Web site contains a list of research projects and University experts by discipline.
I am interested in having a U-M expert provide short term consulting for my company. Who can I contact?
The research section of our site has links to databases that contain detailed information about faculty expertise and research interests. You can also contact the BEC staff.
I am interested in sponsoring research at the University. How do I identify faculty members who may be interested?
The research section of our Web site lists links to research currently taking place throughout the University, along with links to respective disciplines. The majority of these databases have direct contact information for researchers. If you can’t find the contact you’re searching for, contact the BEC staff directly.
Are there research facilities on campus that my company can use?
The University has many state-of-the-art facilities that are available to companies. For a specific need, please contact the BEC staff.
I am an entrepreneur and need consulting or other assistance for my business. Where can I go for help?
The Office of Technology Transfer maintains a comprehensive list of resources for entrepreneurs, ranging from funding sources to consultation to strategy development. If you can’t find the information you require on their Web site, please contact us.
I have a business idea and I think the University can help. Who should I contact?
Please contact us directly.
How can I benefit from University technologies?
University researchers have a history of producing meaningful research that translates to direct real-world benefits. Through our technology licensing section, you can discover the latest U-M technologies available for license and find direct links to the Office of Technology Transfer’s licensing staff.
How can my company benefit from a strategic giving program?
Visit our strategic giving section to learn more about corporate and individual gift programs.