With over 700 University of Michigan alumni in its U.S. operations alone, and a working relationship dating back more than 25 years, Deloitte LLP and its subsidiaries recognize U-M as one of their most strategic university relationships. Having been involved in numerous initiatives across campus, Deloitte U-M alumni recently decided to focus their financial support to make a greater impact for U-M students. Guided by the Business Engagement Center’s Nell Dority and Michigan Ross’ Margaret Krebsbach, Deloitte leaders met with a variety of U-M faculty and representatives over the course of 18 months to identify initiatives and priorities common to both parties. From those meetings and conversations, the Deloitte Foundation Fellows program at Michigan Ross was created through a Victors for Michigan capital campaign objective. The commitment includes gifts from Deloitte partners, principals, directors and employees—as well as a match from the Deloitte Foundation.

“U-M’s corporate relations team really invested time and energy into understanding what we are about as an organization, what our goals are and what our U-M alumni employees are interested in. This is not a cookie cutter approach to development and it is what sets the University of Michigan apart from other schools.”

–David Parent, M.B.A. ‘95 and M.U.P. ‘01 Lead University Principal Deloitte Consulting LLP

“The Deloitte Foundation Fellows is an excellent example of how Ross alumni continue to support the mission and vision of their alma mater,” said Dean Alison Davis-Blake of Michigan Ross. “The money raised from this initiative will help fund the Ross Leaders Academy Fellows Program and the Ross Impact Challenge, both components of the Sanger Leadership Center. We are grateful to the people of Deloitte and the Deloitte Foundation for making this a reality.”

Through four signature initiatives, three learning communities and a variety of skill-based workshops, Sanger serves more than 3,000 students in eight academic programs at Michigan Ross. With the Deloitte U-M alumni and Deloitte Foundation’s funding, the program will have a positive social impact by helping develop ventures in urban environments, an area of interest and importance to Deloitte employees. “Margaret and Nell were critical to the development of the Deloitte Foundation Fellows program,” said David Parent (M.B.A. ‘95 and M.U.P. ‘01), lead university principal for Deloitte Consulting LLP. “They brought a clear, holistic and integrated representation of U-M to the table. By reaching out to key stakeholders on our behalf, we did not have to find the contacts and identify the U-M priorities on our own; this was essential to the development of the program.”