Partnership. Innovation. Impact.

The Business Engagement Center is industry’s front door to the University of Michigan

How we work with companies

Our team works closely with corporate partners to identify win-win partnerships and collaborative opportunities that advance the mission of both organizations.

How we work with faculty & staff

Our team provides resources, counsel and connections for faculty and staff that facilitate industry partnerships and research funding.

“The Business Engagement Center model is widely recognized as defining the leading edge of integrated corporate relations practice.”

Ed Krause

Ford Motor Company


Increase in corporate research awards at U-M over the past decade

$ Million in corporate investment in FY17

Corporate visits hosted by our office in FY17

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Connecting corporate diversity initiatives with those of the University of Michigan is a strategic priority at the BEC.

News & Events

EVENT: 2018 Tauber Global Operations Conference: Operations in a Digital Age

November 8-9, 2018, Ross School of Business

The Global Operations Conference is an annual event that brings together leaders in industry and academia to explore current topics in the field of operations. Register here now.

EVENT: Transportation, Economics, Energy and the Environment

October 25-26, 2018

The objective of TE3 is to bring economic scholars together with government and industry practitioners to exchange ideas and strengthen our collective knowledge for addressing transportation energy and environmental policy challenges.

U-M, Engineering join to innovate the future of transportation

Two key players in advanced transportation and mobility research at the University of Michigan are joining forces to more effectively move the sector into the 21st century in ways that are safe and sustainable.

Deloitte matches alumni giving and makes an impact at Ross

U-M alumni gifts make an even bigger impact when matched by their awesome employers. Deloitte personally delivered their annual matching gift to Ross Dean Scott DeRue. Thank you for helping U-M raise $5 billion in the Victors for Michigan campaign!