Jeff Foutz, Upstream Global Development Manager at ExxonMobil Corporation,  traveled from Houston to Ann Arbor last week for a special presentation. A 2001 MBA alum of the Ross School of Business, Jeff didn’t come for an official visit, however; he came to present the ExxonMobil Foundations’s annual matching gift check to the University of Michigan.

ExxonMobil employees, retirees and surviving spouses are all eligible to receive matching gift donations from ExxonMobil Foundation for any gift made to over 835 colleges and universities. In 2017, this group donated over $16 million to higher education institutions, matched to the total of $31 million, thanks to a very generous 3:1 matching program.

Stella Wixom, the Business Engagement Center’s Executive Director, met Jeff and accepted a check for over $234,000, representing ExxonMobil Foundations matching contribution. Stella shared, “ExxonMobil Foundation’s matching program is more than generous. Many companies participate in matching gifts, but ExxonMobil goes above and beyond in matching gifts and in making a commitment to higher education. We applaud the leadership and investment.”