Hiring the best and brightest is an ongoing challenge for many companies. Employers are struggling to hire scarce talent skilled in artificial intelligence and other disruptive technologies. Consequently, companies are seeking ways to build relationships with faculty and students doing innovative work.

TRI was the sponsor of this year’s Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Graduate Student Honors Competition in which Ph.D. students from each department are nominated by the department chair to compete against each other for the top award. The ‘best of the best’ present their research to faculty, students, and TRI, after which the faculty members and sponsor select the winner.

For TRI, the experience was worth the expense. “We were very impressed by the breadth and depth exhibited in the students’ presentations,” said TRI Scientist Vishnu Desaraju, who served as a judge in the competition. “We hope that these talented students will consider internship and other opportunities at TRI.”

In addition to recruiting activities, TRI is a significant research partner at U-M. More on their research relationship with U-M can be found here. More information on the CSE Competition students and their research can be found here.
Companies interested in building awareness and relationships with select students for internship and career opportunities should consider sponsorship opportunities including those listed on the BEC website. [slideshow_deploy id=’4674′]