Resources for Companies


With total research expenditures of $1.4 billion across its 19 top-ranked schools and colleges, the University of Michigan is widely known for the excellence as well as the size and breadth of its research enterprise. Among the hallmarks of the U-M community is its strong focus on interdisciplinary and translational research that has spurred the development of new products, processes, services, companies, and entirely new industries.

Michigan Experts

Michigan Experts is a searchable database of research expertise across disciplines from several schools/colleges or institutes at the University of Michigan. It was developed to foster intramural and extramural collaborations, and interdisciplinary research to expand knowledge.

Research Facilities and Resources

Research facilities at U-M are among the best in the world. With more than 2.8M square feet of lab space for research and teaching, the University of Michigan is a research powerhouse, home to some of the world’s top educational and research facilities. Some of our specialized research facilities show the breadth and strength of our interdisciplinary spaces for transformative research.

A new, valuable resource is Michigan Research Cores. This searchable database offers the opportunity to explore services, equipment, locations, and more.

How to Connect with Faculty

In this video, our staff talk about ways we help companies engage with faculty, identify the right faculty member for your corporate interests, and guide both company and faculty member through contractual processes.

Relationship Managers

Our Relationship Managers can help identify research opportunities and faculty experts at U-M based on your company’s priorities. They are the first and best step for identifying partnership opportunities.