Student Project Teams

Course-based projects and programs across campus offer students the opportunity to engage in real-world applications of their academic experience.

The same programs offer organizations the opportunity to leverage students to solve pressing issues, access U-M student talent, and find closer connections to the university.

Whatever skill set you’re interested in or project you have in mind, we have options to help you.

Let our staff help you find the right program for your needs.

Featured Programs for Corporate Engagement

Multidisciplinary Design Program

The Multidisciplinary Design Program is a competitively selected curricular program for students at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor.
They organize approximately 40 teams of 5-7 talented Wolverine students annually to tackle engineering and/or data science projects for various corporate, start-up, non-profit and government organizations. All teams start in January and end in December, and are jointly mentored by a dedicated UM Faculty member and a member of your organization.

Multidisciplinary Action Project

The Ross Multidisciplinary Action Projects course is one of the most intense, student-driven learning experience in business education.

Teams of students tackle pressing business challenges for sponsor organizations – major corporations, startups, and nonprofits all over the world. At the heart of MAP is a mutually beneficial collaboration between students, faculty, and sponsor organizations.

The Tauber Institute for Global Operations

The Tauber Institute for Global Operations unites top students and industries in a 14-week multidisciplinary, collaborative project. Team Projects are highly visible operations-related challenges with both engineering and business components. A successful project results in a significant return on a sponsoring company’s investment. The projects have historically delivered significant financial savings as well as improvements in areas such as CO2 emissions, energy consumption, throughput time, and supply chain risk. 

School of Information Projects

From user experience design to data/information analysis to library and archives consulting, Client Opportunities in the School of Information offer the opportunity to solve the pressing needs of an organization. In these courses, students deploy their developing knowledge and skills to address real information challenges in a variety of areas.


UM-Dearborn Business Analytics Capstone Project

This program partners with Fortune 500 companies, startups and nonprofits to provide capstone projects for our master’s students. These projects give students the opportunity to apply their skills in quantitative design, modeling and analysis while finding solutions to open-ended problems with large datasets.  Students work with a UM-Dearborn faculty advisor and a mentor for a 14-15 week period. 

Strategic Public Policy Consulting

The Ford School’s Strategic Public Policy Consulting course is a semester-long course that engages students in a supervised consulting project with a real-world client. Teams of 3-6 students work with a faculty coordinator and client representative to: develop a project work plan; collect relevant materials and information; conduct research and analysis; prepare a written report; and present findings and recommendations to the client. Students are expected to produce professional-quality work at minimal cost to the client. In return, clients are asked to help provide students with a valuable, engaging educational and professional experience.

Student Projects and Course Based Engagement

Sponsoring a student project can create value for your company on a number of levels. Projects provide opportunities to interface with students and explore solutions to business challenges while giving students hands-on experience in real-world situations. The following matrix outlines some of the most relevant the project sponsorship opportunities available across the university. For more information, click on the name of the individual program to visit its website or click the contact name to send a direct email.