U-M’s Hyperloop student team is going places.


“From the time when each of us on this team were small children, we were entranced by knowing how things work. We dreamed of spaceships and trains and cars. The ultimate goal, the overarching dream, was to build something new that will change the way the world works. Thanks to our incredible sponsors who have put their faith in us, we all get that shot. The work that we are doing is extremely important to the future of our world; we are blessed to have the opportunity to showcase our skills on such a large stage. Having the support of such influential figures in the engineering world and otherwise gives us what we need to succeed in more than just a logistical sense. It gives us a reassurance that the rest of the world wants this to succeed just as much as we do, including many who are in touch with the pulse of some of industries that many of us are looking to join. We feel we are on the ground floor of blazing a new path for a better future, and I don’t think there is much more we can ask for.”


Michigan Hyperloop