Anthony Zheng is one of ten nationwide recipients of the prestigious Ford Alan Mulally Scholarship in Engineering. The scholarship program awards 10 one-time $10,000 scholarships each year to outstanding sophomore or junior engineering students at leading universities around the world.

10/12/17 Engineering student headshots in the Lurie Nanofabrication corridor

U-M Engineering junior Anthony Zheng came home to attend the University of Michigan. Born in the U-M hospital (now Mott) when his parents were grad students here, he grew up in Oregon but was drawn back to Ann Arbor to be a Wolverine.

Anthony is studying computer science at U-M, and he’s had a lot of exposure to computers with two parents in the industry. Still, he was considering a few things toward end of high school, specifically the biomedical field, but he says, “I saw that the computer science field moves and evolves very quickly, and that’s a very attractive thing for me. It’s fast paced in both industry and academia, and they keep up with each other pretty well. There’s always something new to be done.”

This U-M Engineering Junior has been busy on campus. He’s dipped his toe into industry experience with two internships, spending a summer at Intel in the new devices group researching and working on location technologies. During summer at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, he developed frameworks for behavior modeling and used them to perform mission risk analysis.

Anthony is currently planning to pursue a doctorate in computer science, so his work this summer will probably be research related.

To help acclimatize to the size of campus and student body at U-M, Anthony joined students groups. Hew’s a leader of the strategy division on the Solar Car Team, responsible for doing computational modeling for the design and racing of the car. He’s also involved in Telluride House, a community of U-M students dedicated to intellectual inquiry, self-governance, and community service. As an Instructional Aide for EECS 445, an advanced Machine Learning course, he also helps teach a section and is involved in writing some homework assignments and discussion notes.

The Alan Mulally Scholarship, named after former the Ford Motor Company CEO, is funded by the Ford Motor Company and the Ford Motor Company Fund. Anthony shares, “I’ve been interested in and working in the autonomous vehicle space, that’s a big thing that connects me with Ford. It’s important they’re supporting this research and by doing so are driving the industry forward.” He sees this as the biggest development in any industry: “Autonomous vehicles are going to be completely world changing.” He’s worked on simulation software for autonomous vehicles in the Tech Lab at Mcity for three semesters, and that has had a big influence on him.

On receiving the Alan Mulally Scholarship, Anthony says, “This scholarship was really nice. It’s been a great way to help ease the financial pressure on my family. They’ve recently moved and had some changes, so costs have just gone up. This scholarship helps a lot. I’m extremely honored and grateful to Ford for supporting my education and this is something I will definitely remember and look back to in the future.”

Farah Harb, Global Education Programs Analyst at the Ford Fund helps identify deserving scholarship students around the country. She says, “A passion for education, and the importance of education in driving economic and human development – comes from our company’s founder, Henry Ford.  He believed passionately in the transformational impact that education can have in people’s lives. We hope that this scholarship will help relieve some of the financial burden students face as well as allow them to Go Further in their academic success and career.”