Developing Bicycle-Related Corner Case Scenarios and a Bicyclist Model for Testing Self-Driving Cars Using Naturalistic Driving Data and Crash Data

Project Abstract/Statement of Work:

In this project we will develop bicycle-related corner case scenarios and a bicyclist behavioral model for testing self-driving cars using existing large-scale naturalistic driving data and crash data. This proposed work has three components: 1) we will examine the bicycle-related crash reports from the available crash databases (e.g., Michigan Police crash reports, FARS, and GES). 2) we will develop bicycle-related corner cases using an existing driving dataset from a large scale naturalistic driving study – Safety Pilot Model Deployment (SPMD), which was conducted by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI). 3) we will develop a quantitative bicyclist model that could predict bicyclists’ behaviors, such as sudden swerving to left, by using the previous information of the bicyclist, traffic, and road environment.

Shan Bao