Developing Decision-Making Models for AV Movements at the Unsignalized Intersections

Project Abstract/Statement of Work:

This study aims to develop probability models of the behaviors of other vehicles and pedestrians to help AVs make decisions before encountering different types of unsignalized urban intersections. UMTRI IVBSS naturalistic field-operational-test driving database synchronized with videos will be used to create the models by observing (1) what a driver operating a vehicle manually will do when other drivers violate the right-of-way laws/rules under various unsignalized urban intersection scenarios, and (2) under what circumstance the drivers will actually violate the right-of-way laws/rules. With these models, an AV can better predict the likelihood that other vehicles give up the right-of-way, or violate the right-of-way rules, in order to better anticipate how to proceed into an intersection.

PI and Co-PIs: